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Norfolk Island Pine Trees

Norfolk Pine Tree deilvery

Araucaria heterophylla
Hawaiian Strain

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About the Norfolk Pine

The trees grow to a height of 50–65 m, with straight vertical trunks and symmetrical branches, even in the face of incessant onshore winds that can contort most other species.

The young leaves are awl-shaped, 1-1.5 cm long, about 1 mm thick at the base on young trees, and incurved, 5–10 mm long and variably 2–4 mm broad on older trees. The thickest, scale-like leaves on coning branches are in the upper crown. The cones are squat globose, 10–12 cm long and 12–14 cm diameter, and take about 18 months to mature. They disintegrate at maturity to release the nut-like edible seeds.

The scientific name heterophylla ("different leaves") derives from the variation in the leaves between young and adult plants.

The distinctive appearance of this tree, with its widely spaced branches and symmetrical, triangular outline, has made it a popular cultivated species, either as a single tree or in avenues. When the tree reaches maturity, the shape may become less symmetrical. Despite the endemic implication of the species name Norfolk Island pine, it is distributed extensively across coastal areas of the world in Mediterranean and humid-subtropical climate regions due to its exotic, pleasing appearance and fairly broad climatic adaptability.

It grows well in deep sand, as long as it receives reliable water when young. This, and its tolerance of salt and wind, makes it ideal for coastal situations. Additionally, it is necessary for the species to be grown in oceanic coastal areas, because bodies of fresh water do not provide enough precipitation, moisture, consistent wind levels and saline air, which are all things the species requires.


Read Wikipedia for a full description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Araucaria_heterophylla






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